Welcome one and all to the inaugural post of our brand new blog, I Prefer the Term Boozehound (or IPTB), where we will be drinking deep from the vast ocean of mixed drinks, beers, wines, liquors, and other craft beverages. Based out of Pittsburgh, my lady love Shanna and I will be posting recipes, opinions, and recommendations drawing on our own experiences.

Alcohol is one of those things that has a very profound sense of history and tradition behind it. When we call a liquor, wine, or beer a craft beverage, that’s because there really is an artisanship that goes into their creation. Of course not all beers, wines, and liquors are good, but at the very least they’re all unique and that provides us endless content for a blog such as this.

We’ll start off with some simple introductory articles and move on from there, but we’ll always post new drinks as we try them. Recipes and reviews of different brands and varieties will have their own categorized posts to make it easier to find a specific drink. To start off, I’ll post the recipe for the cocktail I’m enjoying as I write this: The Fleet Street.



2 thoughts on “Welcome

    • mattandshanna says:

      Think of it less as a copycat and more as a companion piece. Between our two blogs a person could have a perfectly pleasant evening.

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