The Kraken Rum Saga

We were gin people before we found we were also rum people. And before we were gin people we were, and always will be, lovers of myth and legend. The Late Summer/Fall 2009 issue of Pennsylvania’s Official Wine and Spirits Quarterly had an ad that caught our eye and started an obsession.



A simple print advertisement, off-white and black, saying not much more than: The Kraken: Put a Beast In Your Belly. A kickass bottle and label design. A website that seems to be registered but goes nowhere. Not even a splash page. The mystery of the beast of myth and legend. We immediately called the nearest premium liquor store and inquired upon the whereabouts of the Kraken, which proved to be the most elusive beast.

Googling only leads you to one official clue: Kraken Rum on Vimeo. And various commentaries on Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. So where is their marketing department? Proximo Spirits, who apparently imports the brand which launched in July, has not a trace of the Kraken’s whereabouts on their website.

We finally acquired a bottle of this black spiced rum. 94 proof with caramel and vanilla notes make for a sweetly burning liquor that we have found perfectly with cola (Kraken and Coke is pretty catchy), ginger brew, and apple brew. They recommend mixing it with energy drinks in their sales video, but we’re not adventurous like that.

Here’s hoping that the Kraken sticks around. We’ve been seeing small supplies, one even ordered on accident, in Pittsburgh. I’ll be keeping my eye on this thread by the Rum Lovers at the Ministry of Rum – the only other result to our constant googling of THE KRAKEN.

Yar matey there be the sea beast,

NOTE: Kraken Rum did finally launch their website and Proximo Spirits has acknowledged their delicious rum-baby. The website eventually released some swag, so we now have the promotional poster framed and hanging over our bar.

9 thoughts on “The Kraken Rum Saga

  1. You should be able to find it fairly easily now. I’ve seen large stand-alone display kiosks in the premium stores around Pittsburgh for a few weeks now, and the smaller stores have been stocking it as well.

    Good stuff!

  2. mattandshanna says:

    We’re very happy to see that – just yesterday we saw one of these displays and inquired as to whether or not we could have it when they were done with it. Someone had already laid claim to the silvery sea beast, but it’s a great sign (pun not intended, but acknowledged all the same)! Losing a well-loved and new-found brand could be heartbreaking.

  3. Johnna says:

    We just picked up a bottle of this delicious concoction at our liquor store in the burbs of Chicago and we love it! I’m a big fan of Sailor Jerry but I think the Kraken has won me over. Hope the word keeps spreading, and thanks for the info! YAR!

  4. like beer, LOVE RUM! True sailor from Norwich CT, Went to a Maritime academy, drank some bars dry of rum, Work on ships, tasted the Carribean, and live in Norwichtown CT, where I stumbled across the BEST rum ever! Kraken and Coke is my New Favorite! She’s a fierce and fickle nectar! Much thanks!

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