The Negroni (For the Weak)

This dark red gin cocktail can be made sweet or bitter. The Negroni, as an official IBA (International Bartenders Association) cocktail, is made with equal parts bitters, gin, and sweet vermouth. If you can actually drink that amount of bitters, make sure it’s the quality stuff (like Campari). I, however, have a weaker palate than Count de Negroni.

1 oz Gin

1 oz Sweet Vermouth

1 oz Extra Dry Vermouth

Stir over ice and garnish with citrus fruits or those cool little cocktail monkeys.
Can also be topped off with your favorite cola for a classy replacement for your rum and cokes. Just leave the bitters at your bar.


2 thoughts on “The Negroni (For the Weak)

  1. Colin says:

    Dearest IPTB;

    I find that the best way to warm up to something like Campari is to spend your last $30 on a bottle. Based on empirical evidence, and a very reliable sample size of 1 participant, this will invariably lead to your drinking of solely Campari for long enough that it tastes no longer like cough medicine and more like grapefruit peels and insect eggs (used in the red dye). While conceptually this may sound more revolting, it is quite catchy, and I assure you that any imbibing soul has the potential to one day seek a glass of Campari for Campari’s sake.

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