Autumnal Drinks

Seasonal brews tend to be something you don’t want to drink every day, but every year during the magical months of fall we boozehounds are granted the opportunity to sample the harvest in liquid form.

Pumpkin Ales
Microbrewers love to experiment, and we usually love it when they do as well.  Since 1994 Dogfish Head has been brewing up their brown Punkin Ale. Punkin is sweet like brown sugar and follows with some spice, and would likely go well with a slice of pie or turkey and stuffing. Pumpkin flavors are hard to keep pumpkiny in brews, but honestly you’re drinking beer, not soup, so we’re okay with that. They recommend you go out and grab some extra, because their limited supply tends to run out by Thanksgiving.
There are many more pumpkin ales out there this season, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale.

Apple Cider
When the air starts to get colder you can usually find me rambling on about apple season. This week apple cider finally appeared at the grocery store, which signals the start of the great baking season at our house. What delicious libation do the boozehounds recommend to drink with your fresh apple crisp? Apple cider, ice cold or warmed up over the stove, paired with a dark spiced rum (we use Kraken Rum – of course) is like drinking an apple dessert itself. Make sure your rum has sweet and spicy notes (KRAKEN.) for optimal results. Applejack also fits the flavor profile, but be warned – it’s not called cider oil for nothing.

Of course there’s more than just apples and pumpkins growing in the fall months, but do you really want a squash-flavored slammer or a mulled corn drink? You are welcome to leave comments about your favorite fall boozey traditions.

It’s pumpkin butter apple-jelly time,


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