White Russian

The White Russian may not enjoy the same popularity today as it has in the past, but it’s certainly benefited from the influence of one Jeffrey Lebowski, aka The Dude. Alternately known as a Caucasian, this is a great dessert drink and one of my personal favorites. Many people like to play around with the ratio depending on whether they prefer a dryer, sweeter, or creamier drink but after extensive study this is the recipe that I think works best.

2 oz vodka

2 Tbs coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua)

2 Tbs light cream or milk

Pour the ingredients into a shaker half filled with ice and shake well. Serve on the rocks in an Old Fashioned or double rocks glass.

It’s important to serve a White Russian on the rocks with large ice cubes that won’t melt quickly. If you drink your White Russian slowly (and you should, remember how much vodka’s in there) your ingredients may start to separate out a bit. Just give it a gentle swirl and your ice will mix it back up again.


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