Mad Men and Vodka Gimlets

Here at Boozehound HQ we watch television shows and play video games with our cocktails. It’s always fun to pair up the two if you can, and Mad Men is the best show for it (and one of our favorites still on television).

When we started Season One we made Vodka Gimlets, but we learned from our mistakes soon after. Here’s a tip that we wish to pass on to you: do not use Rose’s Lime Juice, or any other premixed lime juice for your Gimlet.

Tasty limes that we claim no ownership to

Vodka Gimlet from

Here’s how to mix one up proper for your Mad Men Season 4 premier party:

3 Tablespoons vodka (the taste of the vodka really matters in the Gimlet, so don’t go low-shelf for your brand)

1 1/2 Tablespoons lime juice (fresh squeezed)

3-4 lime slices (when buying limes do a test: good limes smell great on the outside, and this is an obvious one but make sure you thoroughly wash the limes before cutting)

Shake and strain over the ice and limes. If you’ve got more of a sweet palate add some simple syrup to the mix. You always have a bottle in the fridge, right? You should. Need a more Roger Sterling or Betty Draper sized Gimlet? Double the recipe and make sure your glass is big enough for all the ice and lime slices.


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