Wedding Gift Booze Review: Root

Another one of the great gifts we got at our wedding was a bottle of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’s Root (thanks to Paul!) – a liqueur with all the things you love about root beer and more. Root is made in our home state of Pennsylvania, which is really beginning to pick up in the “unique alcohol” market as selling restrictions get looser (we hope) – other Philadelphian spirits include Blue Coat Gin, Vieux Carré Absinthe, Penn 1681 Vodka, and Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’s own Snap (ginger) and Rhuby (rhubarb) liqueurs.

This organic, syrupy concoction boasts a blend of 13 different ingredients that will strike the drinker as the alcoholic version of the true, original, birchy root tea. The history of root teas and sodas is as interesting as it is long, so we heartily recommend you look it up as you enjoy your Root cocktail of choice (there are many suggestions on their website, as well as a little booklet attached to each bottle). You might be wondering – what can I use this very specific liqueur with?

Although you can have it on the rocks to enjoy the complexity of its many notes, we suggest blending it with a high quality root beer, a whipped cream vodka, or even just club soda (and maybe even a cherry). But what we like the most is a good ROOT (beer) Float.

Root Float

Most of 1 bottle of a craft root beer (we used Virgil’s, but also recommend Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer)

3 oz of Root

A scoop of vanilla ice cream (we used soy and it worked out great, and let me tell you why – it’s not as hard as regular ice cream)

And top it off with splash of chocolate liqueur (we used Trader Vic’s) and a sprinkling of chocolate (we used Trader Joe’s new grinder of Sugar, Chocolate, and Coffee which you should run out and get)

Pour your frosty root beer of choice into a large glass (preferably also frosty), leaving enough room (about 1/4) for a scoop of ice cream and the 3 ounces of Root. Mix the soda and Root before plunking in your generous scoop of ice cream, which you should then give a SHORT drizzle of chocolate liqueur and put your confectionery sprinkles on top before it starts to melt. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

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