Cirrus Ice Press

A while back we posted an article about the ice you mix and serve your delightful cocktails with. (Boozehound Basics: Ice) In the comments, faithful reader and fellow booze blogger G-LO posted a video in which a Japanese bartender carved a ball of ice. Turns out he could save a bunch of time (and probably a few stab wounds) with the Cirrus Ice Press. As you can see in the video below, this ingeniously simple device will create a perfect sphere of ice in one minute flat. At $800 a pop though, I might stick with a knife and a box of Band-Aids.


3 thoughts on “Cirrus Ice Press

  1. Way cool! I’m with you though. Give me an icepick and perhaps a steel mesh glove. $800 buys oodles of booze.

    Thanks for the mention!


  2. Did you know you can melt iron in a microwave with some inexpensive modifications? I bet that, for less than $50, one could make a cast iron ice ball maker and save a ton of loot whilst impressing booze-loving friends and loved-ones.

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