Miss Bonde

This cocktail is made with raspberry vodka. Rather than using sugary, artificially flavored raspberry vodka, simply drop raspberries into a bottle of vodka, filling about the bottom third of the bottle. Allow this to sit for three weeks and then chill in the freezer.

The Miss Bonde was invented at the Bar Hemingway in 1994 by Colin Peter Field. The recipe, the following quote, and the illustration are all from Field’s book The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris.

In the opening days of the Bar Hemingway, it was frequented by a young international elite. That is one of the reasons for its success today. Its clientele consisted of gentlemen and ladies, under 25 years old for the most part, of the very highest education and order. These key people were the backbone and advocates of the Bar Hemingway; they were my best clients and my most frightful critics: the gentlemen pulled no punches in voicing their disapproval of any actions on my behalf that wasn’t to their taste.

Just as there were the ‘Bentley Boys’ in the 1920s, these gentlemen I called ‘The Ritz Boys’. They all have their favourite cocktail, but, knowing them, they would all prefer that I mentioned one that I invented for two sisters who were friends of them all.

1/10 raspberry vodka


Pour the raspberry vodka into a champagne flute straight out of the freezer and fill with champagne. Garnish with a rose.

From The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris. Artwork by Yoko Ueta.

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