How did you get to Boozehound?

Updated: 12/08/11

Search terms are a funny thing – you can use them to answer a question, learn something new, find something old, and so on. When you look at the reverse side of search terms, and you find out how people got to your blog, it can be hilarious, enlightening, or just plain curious. We won’t get into the technical sides with SEOs and blah blah blahs, but here are some top picks from our site stats – and answers to a few questions people on the internet seem to have:

Kraken – the biggest leader on how people came to our blog is by searching for Kraken rum. From the one article we wrote at the very beginning we have gotten maybe 80% of our hits. People want to know what to mix it with – apparently lemonade and Kraken is a real thing that 43 people wanted to read about before daring to try. So the bottom line is: Yes, Kraken is good. It’s good with coke, and it’s good in a Dark and Stormy. We don’t know of The Kraken Gin or Kraken Brandy, but we’d love to try it if they made it. We wouldn’t put it in fruit punch (we don’t DO fruit punch for that matter) and we’d advise against a Kraken Daiquiri (use a white rum – all 4 of you). No, Kraken doesn’t need to be refrigerated. We advise against mixing Hendricks Gin and Kraken Rum.

“How does rose juice grenadine with tequila?” – Well… we’re not fans of how it does. I’m not a fan of Rose’s grenadine.

“All I have is brandy and triple sec what can I make” – Grab a lemon, because you’re having cheap sidecars tonight!

“limoncello premium danny devito” – Please, for the love of good booze, just make your own.

“how do you call vodka water and bar lime” – We call it just wrong. Change that water to soda water, squeeze a few “bar” limes (are those the pre-cut slices behind the bar that have been sitting out all day?), and have yourself a Vodka Rickey.

“popular pgh mixed drinks” – If you’re having a Pittsburgh themed party, unless you want to get creative, you’re probably thinking of our official city Boilermaker Imp’n’Arn. Easily done, it’s a shot of Imperial Whiskey dropped into a glass of Iron City Beer.

“can i drink martini rose with green olives?” – I’m going to take a shot here and assume you mean (1) a flavored gin cocktail with rose water or something equally delicious or (2) a Hendricks martini, which has rose notes. While you certainly can use olives, we would recommend against it – you probably don’t want a salty drink. Use a cucumber, citrus peel, or even some edible rose petals.

If this person did mean Martini & Rossi’s Rosé than… ew.

“the gimlets are back” – It’s true, and we hope that the next season of Mad Men will be on soon. We also loved it when we saw people searching for vodka men.

“cocktails named after authors or books recipe library “tequila mockingbird– For your next literary party also try Papa Dobles, Deaths in the Afternoon, Algonquins, Vespers and White Angels (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – “half gin and half vodka, no vermouth”).

“can vodka be added to tea?” – No one’s stopping you, but you should probably do a hot toddy with whiskey and black tea (honey, lemon, cinnamon sticks, and so on optional) instead.

Do you also have a question? We’d love attempt to answer it.


3 thoughts on “How did you get to Boozehound?

  1. Ummm….Martini Rosè is not made out of rose water…unless you were being sarcastic, but Martini is also an Italian brand name of a wine type liquor…at least in Europe, if someone orders a Martini or Martini Rosè with olives, they will give them the brand name…and they won’t necessarily give them shaken vodka or gin…

    • Matt & Shanna says:

      Good to know, Lindsey! We’re very familiar with Martini & Rossi (often just called Martini) Vermouth, but I didn’t know they produce non-fortified wines as well. Thanks!

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