Post #100: the Century Cocktail

Holy crap you guys! We have officially reached our 100th post. It’s a small milestone to be sure, but I’ll take any excuse to pour a celebratory tipple. To mark the occasion we thought it’d be appropriate to invent an IPTB original cocktail which we have fittingly dubbed the Century. I was actually rather surprised to find that there wasn’t already a drink by that name, but all the better for us. We fiddled with the recipe for a few days and tried a few variations, but it was Shanna that hit upon the winning combination. Those who know us and/or are regular readers won’t be surprised by the ingredient list. The result is a cocktail that’s complex in flavor, but not in execution, and which we think has the merits of a classic.

So let’s raise a toast: May the next 100 posts be even more fun than the first, and may you always drink in good health and better company!

Celebrating 100 posts with a Century Cocktail

3 oz gin

1 oz St. Germaine

1 oz Kina Lillet

rinse of creme de violette

Pour a dash of creme de violette into a cocktail glass and swirl until the liqueur has coated the inside of the glass then shake out any excess. It helps to chill both the glass and the creme de violette beforehand. Combine the gin, St. Germaine, and Lillet in a mixing glass half full of ice and stir thoroughly. Strain into the cocktail glass and garnish with a twist of lemon.

For more IPTB original cocktails, check out the Vespa (as distinct from the Vesper) and the Bourbon Apple Cobbler.


One thought on “Post #100: the Century Cocktail

  1. Congratulations, sounds good! On my list to take for a test drive. Did you know that in the world of the Cafe Racer breaking the 100 mph mark is known as doing the ton? Just sayin’.

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