How to Stock Your Bar

Aside from booze blogs, web comics, regular comics, and as many books as we can get our hands on, we (specifically Matt) like to read certain menswear blogs. In particular we recommend An Affordable Wardrobe and Put This On, which inspired our video segments. One of the common questions addressed on menswear blogs is how to build a wardrobe and not surprisingly, the process is very similar to stocking your bar.

This is our collection a year ago. Much like a child, it has only gotten larger and more expensive since then.

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New Year’s Eve 2011: Scotch Royale

A variation on the traditional Champagne Cocktail (just champagne, sugar, and bitters), the addition of scotch makes this a little stronger and an excellent New Year’s tipple for whisky fans. This is the second installment of our three day series of champagne-based cocktails leading up to New Year’s Eve. Yesterday we posted the classic French 75, and check back tomorrow for the Nomayo.

1 1/2 oz scotch whisky

1 cube sugar

3-4 dashes aromatic bitters

top with champagne

Drop the sugar cube into the bottom of your champagne flute or coupe and add bitters, then scotch. Top with champagne.

Scotch Royale