Oddka Vodka – Electricity Flavor

In these times of flavored vodkas, it takes little to shock us anymore. Swedish Fish? Sure, Hemingway’s in Pittsburgh was doing a pitcher of shots of that flavor long before Pinnacle picked it up. Wedding Cake? I guess there’s a market for that. S’mores? Whatever, you get the point. People love to buy, but don’t necessarily love to drink, flavored vodka. The main appeal, and probably driving force, is likely the question that comes to mind of all adventurous tasters (ever since Orbitz debuted in the late 90’s): “What does it taste like?”

Most of the time Matt and I can ignore this nagging question, but when we saw Oddka’s Electricity flavored vodka, we had to know. And what does it taste like? It tastes like… blue. It tastes like blue raspberry cough syrup and vodka. Which is why it really, really bothers me that in a sea of cocktail suggestions for their other flavors (like Wasabi, Fresh Cut Grass, Salty Caramel Popcorn, and Apple Pie) that they only offer this: shoot it.


That’s it. Just shoot it. I refuse to accept this. We found that drinking it on the rocks with club soda actually made it much more drinkable, kind of like a melted blue raspberry slushie. But then we found the combination it was made for. The combination that those people who were kids in the late 90’s buying bottles of Orbitz at the 7-11 after school didn’t know they were missing. Trader Joe’s Vintage Cola and Electric Oddka (1:3 vodka ratio over ice). It tastes like a blue raspberry slushie and a coke slushie mixed together. It tastes just like nostalgia.

Same goes for an Electric Screwdriver (just what you expect, orange juice and Electric Oddka), it tastes like some kind of juice with a flashy name dreamed up by marketers and hated by parents. We’d recommend it to you, for sure, but it’s more of a special occasion vodka. Experiment on your own!

We’ll admit, the product design really did catch our eye too, being nerds and fans of turn of the century scientists. Might have been why we gave it a chance in the first place.


22 thoughts on “Oddka Vodka – Electricity Flavor

    • Yes, amazing…amazing that you’ve managed to find every blog post on the Internet about Oddka and posted virtually the same comment.

      Oddka, I was thinking about picking up a bottle for my new bar because of your awesome packaging, but blog spam is just not cool. Google up Le Tourment Vert some time, and see just how much their blog spam campaign helped their image.

      • Matt & Shanna says:

        Wow, you just confirmed our suspicions that their marketing strategy needs help. The best place to put a recipe like Electric Vodka and Redbull (a combo we dared not even think of), is on the brand’s website. That’s the first place a confused consumer will look after tasting it, wondering what kind of esters were possibly used, and scratching their heads about what they can mix it with since it’s pretty unpalatable straight.

      • Interestingly enough, I was at 0247 today and Oddka had the flashiest tasting table I’ve ever seen at a PLCB store. It was more like a booth than a table, actually. And there was an unassuming middle-aged female customer asking the sales rep questions (e.g. where is it made, number of times distilled, etc) and the rep had no idea. Indeed, Oddka, get with the times…

      • Hammarby says:

        Dear all, this has been elevated to the appropriate people, thanks for your feedback and support of Oddka!
        /Go Odd

    • Matt & Shanna says:

      The PLCB only offers standard 750 ml bottles from Oddka in 6 flavors: Apple Pie, Wasabe, Fresh Cut Grass, Electricity, Caramel Popcorn, and Vodka.

      Actually Nathan, who has commented on this post previously, runs a tremendous website called the PLCB Users Group (PLCBusersgroup.org). It’s a tremendous resource for anyone serious about finding good booze in PA. Plus they update way more often than us.

  1. Chris K says:

    Aberdeen SD for all you adventure loving alkies has every flavor XD at kesslers. Now HAS ANYONE THOUGHT TO TRY ELECTRICITY MIXED WITH VOLTAGE MOUNTAIN DEW? IF NOT I CLAIM IT AS THE SHOCKER lol

  2. Ben says:

    Oh thank god I found this, I bought it because like you it intrigued me. Went home took a shot, just to see how it tasted and well not like I thought it would. Then I went to their website to find cocktails but nope, nothing. I thought I wasted $15. Thanks for experimenting for me!

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